Question:  I often see you use the phrase:  Open 23/7/365.  Shouldn’t that be 24/7/365?

Answer:  No, that is not a typo.  I use that phrase in honor of my dad.

My dad, Boyd Collett, spent well over a decade of his life under ground in the coal mines.  In the late 1950’s he started his own taxicab company, OK Cab, in Pineville, Bell County, KY, which he owned and ran for over 30 years.  His business cards always read, “Open 23 hours a day.”  I remember, when I was a child, my dad seemed to always be working.  He would go out to help those who needed to be transported any time, day or night.  He lost a lot of sleep, missed many Christmas dinners, but would never leave someone stranded.  Later on I asked him, “Dad, your cards said ’23 hours a day’.  What hour were you closed?”  To which he replied, “That’s exactly it, I got to choose the hour.”

My dad was not a highly educated man.  He worked hard in jobs that no one expected to make a lot of money.  But he taught me, by example, to work hard, whether it was while studying to get my education, for my bosses as an employee, or for my many clients today.  I am proud to say, “We are open 23/7/365.”

Thanks, dad.

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