Tax Services

Tax Preparation

Using the latest electronic filing methods, we prepare and file all kinds and types of returns, including income taxes, payroll taxes, estate tax, gift tax, highway use tax, and excise taxes. We offer quick refunds, without the fees, even if you do not have a bank account.

Our clients include internationals, corporations, mom-and-pop businesses, individuals, right down to the e-z forms. We have extensive expertise in S corporation and partnership taxation.

Tax Planning

Nothing is worse than having your preparer say, “If you had only...” or “I wish you had contacted me before you...” Dollar for dollar, your best value for your preparation money is to get us to review material, unusual items (purchases, sales, estate plans) before the transaction or year end.

Tax Representation (Audits)

As former revenue agents, our CPAs are very knowledgeable in examination issues and procedures. We are as comfortable representing you at the beginning of the audit before the revenue agent as we are representing you in appeals or tax court. When necessary, we work with tax attorneys to assist them in preparing briefs and arguments for complex tax issues.

We frequently are contacted by other preparers to represent their clients.

We often work with former IRS collection agents to reduce the amount of tax, interest and penalties already assessed by the IRS.

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